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Sunday, December 18th, 2005
10:57 pm
So if you haven’t heard yet – I’ve decided to join the Army National Guard. I get to go in and stay overnight somewhere in South Carolina or somewhere near Charlotte to get my physical done and to also take my ASVAB, which is the military version of the SAT, which allows you to know what type of MOSes (which means “job” in the military) that I’ll be eligible for. Hopefully, I’ll do better than I did on the practice exam, which I actually scored really well on, as my recruiter showed me the results like two minutes after I took it, and the physical… I’m worried about that one. Just for that, I’ll probably have to do like a thousand sit-ups and a two-mile run with Louis tomorrow to make myself feel less fat. >_<;

So there’s an update for you, aside from me quitting my job at Carowinds. Yes, because I won’t have enough time for it and the pay’s bad.

current mood: refreshed

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
6:14 pm
Brothers are so god-damned useless. Especially mine, who just used my credit card without tell me, which resulted in me going bankrupt. Men are bastards.

current mood: bitchy

Friday, November 18th, 2005
4:18 am - Life... again.
Here is the feature story that they did on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on MTV:


So I hear that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opened up last night and of course, you sill geese, I’m excited. Okay, so I totally trash-talked the sixth book in a sense after I read it and thought that Harry Potter, the series, was a total failure because Rowling killed Dumbledore off and some other little, significant details (Ron & Hermione), but that’s all right. I’m sure that the big Hogwarts castle on that side of the country will be willing to forgive me for my past mistake.

After all, I’m only human.

So Sonya is NOT coming to spend the night on Saturday afternoon, so I'm going to go and see this lovely film alone, I suppose. I think that I’m going to go and watch the Fall Production of Fahrenheit 451 on the same evening, as well, if my Nazi of a mother is going to allow me to. Then, on Sunday… oh, wait for it, here it comes… we’re going to work on my senior exit presentation/product. Guess what it’s on. That’s right; Harry Potter and its lovely influence on young children. How joyous does that sound? xD

Gah, I must run to Human Anatomy & Physiology Honors now, although I wanted to stay home today until my chorus class started up at around ten till nine o’clock, but no… I think that I need to keep my head in the game until this semester’s over.

But the good news is that I’m thinking of surprising Kelli down in good, old Texas with a surprise visit. What an eventful rest of 2005 this is going to be. Hell, just kill me now. >D

current mood: ecstatic

Saturday, November 12th, 2005
8:23 pm - Gah!
I can’t believe that I spent over five hours of my time on a Saturday morning and early afternoon wiping down (in and out) a silly, little machine called a “poofer”, which is a big, metal piece of machinery, where trays of Cinnabons are kept to allow for it to defrost and “poof” up until the buns “kiss”. I think that you’re all intelligent enough to know that “kissing buns” means that they touch. Anyway, it was our annual cleaning day at Paramount’s Carowinds, which meant that only the associates and managers of the Food & Beverage department were the only people there, getting ready for the next park season. Of course, they’re probably doing the same thing at Paramount’s other parks, which are as follows: Paramount’s Great America, Paramount’s Kings Island, Paramount’s Kings Dominion, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, and Star Trek: The Experience, which doesn’t really count in this case because I don’t know how that park works. All I know is that all of the normal Paramount theme parks have all had or will have a ball having their annual cleaning day.

I have off from work this Sunday and for the next weekend until our Winterfest starts up. It’s going to be a blast, I hear, because I’m going to be working at one of the hottest places inside the theme park, no kidding metaphorically and literally speaking; Cinnabon. We’re going to be selling our famous Cinnabon rolls, our many other great products, coffee, and hot chocolate. We’re all also getting our new uniforms this week, which is going to be great because quite frankly, I’d rather not bust my butt for that park anymore; Worker’s Compensation is a bitch to file. But at least, my butt is going to be warm with the new uniform coming in.

This is really exciting because it’s been two decades (twenty years) since the first and last opening of these festivities, which didn’t go well enough and ended up in the park losing tons of unnecessary revenue. There’s going to be this huge Christmas feast, an awesome parade, carriage rides, and the like from November 25th – December 11th and every night December 16 – 23 and 26 – 31. 5 to 10 P.M. are the usual hours, except for Sundays, which will end an hour early for those of you who will want to go. Kapeesh? Kapeesh.

Nothing else interesting has been going on aside from the fact that the Providence Panthers lost to the Myers Park Mustangs last night in a fevered play-off game. It was the first play-off game for us of the season and we lost by two touchdowns. It was rather sad; 21 – 34, I believe it was. I’m not sure about Myer Park’s score, but I’m positive on Providence’s. But the stupid kids from Myers Park wanted to charge our damn home field, which pissed off a lot of people in the home stands. I think that the police officers refused them the sparkling opportunity to do so, anyway.

This also meant that the marching band season was officially over. Nostalgia wasn’t even in the pictures until later on in the night. I’m feeling it even now, even if it isn’t much. Maybe, because it was so unexpected that our football team would lose last night that it hasn’t hit me yet. Maybe, I’m just looking forward to jazz band starting up again. I’m silently hoping that Grace or Yehwon don’t audition, so that I won’t have any competition. Please, if there’s a God out there… you get the picture.

Ellen Degeneres tonight at eleven. I missed it last night, what a shame. I fell asleep while watching Grease 2 last night with my sister, too. Man, I’m such a bad person to hang around sometimes. Heh.

current mood: weird

Friday, November 11th, 2005
10:35 am - Dreary Working Hours
Smallville was excellent last night, if I may say so myself. It was a brilliant episode; Clark Kent had his first encounter with silver kryptonite and it makes him become develop a paranoia about just everything. He is led to believe that Chloe Sullivan revealed his secret to Lionel Luthor, that his father, Jonathan Kent, had bargained with Lionel, in order to get him strapped down onto a lab table in Metropolis somewhere to be reseached upon, and that Lana Lang (his girlfriend) kissed Lex Luthor in his study. Of course, Lana finds out a bit about the spaceship and how it related to the new meteor shower that had just most recently hit Smallville and Lex offers her the deal of a lifetime by helping him find out more about this mysterious aircraft and where its origins are. Also, another character is introduced, who is played by James Marsters, who just happened to play Spike in ‘Buffy: The Vampire Slayer’ from 1993 – 2003, who just happens to be a fellow Kryptonian sent to help Clark on his mission to rule the Earth.

So anyway, I’m looking forward to talk to a certain person today about her experiences at the Nine Inch Nails concert last night while I’ll have to leave in just a second to go to the local PEP BOYS to get some work done on my grandfather’s car. A breezy oil change and changing the rubber parts on the windshield wipers doesn’t sound that tedious to me. Maybe, I’ll go and catch a movie at the Cineplex next door while that’s going on. Heh. I love my grandma. ^__^

I worked till three o’clock this morning uptown with my brother and mom because her dumb assed workers couldn’t make it to work again last night. We ended up cleaning up the entire damn third floor of a huge building on Mallard Creek. It was pretty boring and I didn’t even get paid for the work that I did. *shrugs* Oh, well, I suppose. I’m going to work tomorrow at ten in the morning for the annual cleaning day in the Foor & Beverage department at Paramount’s Carowinds. I hope that Harris Teeter will get back to me sometime soon, so that I can quit my job over at Carowinds, if there is a need to. The gas prices are killing us here, stupid people who raise the prices for no damn specific reasons other than pure profit. Assholes.

current mood: working

Thursday, November 10th, 2005
10:37 pm - Oh, Hail The Lord. =D
I hope that you guys like the new layout. It’s not much of one, but I attempted to make this sorry thing with a bit of Microsoft Paint and nothing more. You’ve got to give me some props there. Maybe, I’ll do a more original layout when I can get off of my lazy ass to really get into gear.

Oh, finally, the beloved weekend has come. I just remembered during first period today that it was Veteran’s Day, which means that I have off from school tomorrow. Pretty sweet, actually, speaking that I have loads of Pre-Calculus homework to get done, not to mention all of the make-up work for British History I have to get done, as well as getting ready for my practice Senior Exit presentation that I will have to give in front of my entire English class. Oh, yeah, being a senior freaking rocks. And yes, I am rolling my eyes right now.

Let’s see, I haven’t done anything really exciting today, other than getting to read the part of Old Hamlet’s ghost in Hamlet, Act I, Scene VI. It wasn’t the most exciting of things that a person could do, but none the less, it was pretty fun and I sounded really ghastly for the first few lines. I think that Mrs. Blair had a ball just trying to interpret what the Old English text really meant. She emphasized a lot on the wench comments that Hamlet was making toward his own stupid mother, Gertrude. Man, what a weak Shakespearean character, other than Ophelia, who’s an even bigger idiot and naïve person; shame on you, Mister Shakespeare.

I watched the new episode of Smallville tonight, which really made me happy, since I also got to watch the newest episode of One Tree Hill, as well. I love the WB. Heh. Not more than I do Ellen Degeneres, sadly. I had the most amusing conversation with one of my buddies last night on how one of her friends was talking about Ellen Degeneres and Paul McCartney meeting together on her show this upcoming week. It was a riot to hear about it. She’s at a NIN (Nine Inch Nails, for those musically illiterate people who have come to stumble across this lovely journal) concert for the night, so I can’t talk to her until tomorrow afternoon.

Speaking of, Providence is playing against Myers Park in their first play-off game of the season and I’m stuck with playing the damn tambourine. How bloody fun is that? Very amusing, I’m telling you, but I could have been stuck playing nothing or better yet, banished from Marching Band for the rest of the season. I think that I would enjoy that way too much, though. I can’t believe that I wasted that much of my daily time to be a part of that band, although I loved it while I was there. It’s just some of the people that I cannot tolerate whatsoever. Ugh, people are just… people sometimes. xP

Coming back to current events, I’m going to be eating a nice big bowl of chicken noodle soup before going to bed with a nice Melissa Good novel and possibly a few DVDs on the old portable player. Good night!

P.S. Make sure that you sign up on Alyssa’s new writing community. It’s quite lovely.

current mood: tired

Sunday, November 6th, 2005
9:07 pm - Man, life's tiring.
You know, I don’t think that I’ve ever been this tired, but happy in my entire... no, not my entire life. I guess it’ll be much safer to say for this past year. Yeah. So many friends have come back to just hang out and talk to me without really much reason… and I’m really glad for that. I’m not even going to make sense for half of this because my focus is on downloading loads and loads of illegal music (oh, did I say illegal?) for my personal listening pleasure.

Well, anyway, I’ve decided to take up disk jockeying again online. I just need to find a server soon since I already have the programs required downloaded and all of the music that I need. Plus, I’ve become reacquainted with my seventies and eighties pop/rock and it's really made me superbly happy, not to mention that I’ve never been so satisfied by listening to music. One thing that sucks is that I can't burn any CDs on my computer for a while because this horrid virus just ate right through my hard drive and possibly the motherboard. Basically, everything’s just totally fucked up beyond words. I can’t even check the god-damn website history on my Internet Explorer browser windows nor can I ever run a system restore ever again without spending loads and loads of hard-earned American dollars to get the damn thing fixed.

So there’s my rant for the day. Now, moving along into more interesting things...

There isn’t any aside from the fact that I’m going to be struggling to put in a music code up on this bitch and try to get the thing running. Ciao, bellas!

current mood: creative

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
4:46 pm - Confusion & Denial.
There's nothing that could describe my emotions than the word, "fucked". Yep, I had said just about a week-and-a-half ago that I was falling deeper and deeper for Alyssa, but I had another realization on Tuesday night; I hadn't gotten over my crush on Katlin, one of my really good friends that I had known since my middle school years. I started finding myself attracted to her in the spring of last year, after I got extremely jealous of her then-and-now boyfriend, Bobby, kissing on-stage as Patty Simcox and Danny Zukko in our school production of 'Grease!' And on Tuesday night, she was more physically in contact with me and seemed so much more affectionate than ever.

The bad thing is that while I'm still attracted to Katlin, her quirks and all, she has a boyfriend, someone that I've gotten to know since that same spring, during our annual chorus trip down to Orlando, Florida. Bobby and I talked some on that trip and instantly hit it off as friends without Katlin being there. But this year, Katlin's in my chorus class. I know that some of you may be saying 'eek', but I think that I should see this through and hold onto my thing for Katlin because of the following reasons:

1. I've known for a long, long time.
2. She knows all of me; my bad side, my good side, my talents, my quirks, my comebacks, just everything.
3. She's here, not somewhere else.
4. She's one of my few really, really good friends.
5. She kissed me on top of the head for the first time ever yesturday night before her boyfriend was there as a greeting towards me.
6. She found out that I was bi-sexual at our school GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) meeting.
7. She's completely cool with that.
8. I love her as a friend already and that same goes for her.

I love Alyssa, too, but there's so many things going for us right now that we need to take care of and I'm pretty sure that she's feeling the same way about people around her. She'll probably want to date a person that's near her, someone who could spend time with her and her only. Right now, I feel as guilty as it is, but I think that I'll have to give me and Katlin a chance, although she's not available right now. I'm not going to tell her quite yet because I don't want to scare her off, but maybe, if I pray hard enough and if Katlin breaks up with Bobby for the fourth time, I'll get that rare chance to let her know how much I feel for her.

Maybe, it's just a crush, but I've never felt this towards a single person that's known me in person... ever.

current mood: nostalgic

Monday, October 10th, 2005
2:31 pm - Here we go again with the bitching...
So here we go again with all of my bitching for the week... well, not really. Let's just say that I suffered a few bodily injuries while having a really great time at work. That about sums it up, I think. Oh, the Pride of Providence (the name of our marching band) came in sixth place out of fifteen schools at a South Carolina marching band competition, which was our most challenging competition of the year, speaking that their point-scale is about five points higher than North Carolina's and the fact that Clover High School was there, those evil, sons-of... sorry, I'll try not to get so graphic.

Anyway, I got to bond with a few friends in marching band that I never really got to talk to this season, like Elizabeth, Philip, Corey, Ross, Megan, Meghan, Michelle (who I bought a slice of pizza for, which Ross just had to rip me off for, the tricky, little bastard), Amy, Molly, Lauren, Brendon, Rayna (someone that I thought that I had a crush on for a while), Kayla, Mandy (A.K.A. Dr. Beat), Tyler (A.K.A. Captain Gay-Man), Sonya (A.K.A. Harry Potter Freak), Nick (A.K.A. Motormouth), Ryan, and our infamously new PIT cheer:

"What's that?"
"Big P!"
"What's that stand for..."
"Pit!" "Pit!" "Pit!"
"The PIT is on fire!"

xD I love Nick. He's so funny.

Anyway, we're not really called the PIT. It's the shortened version of 'Front Ensemble', which consists of auxilary percussion players in the marching band. I was switched over from flute because they were really in short supply of people for the PIT and I just happened to play piano and my band director, who I thought really didn't appreciate my piano playing skills (oh, yeah...) referred me over to the two drum majors (Meghan & Michelle, the infamous duo). Heh.

And another one of my funny moments... Amy and I had both fallen asleep on the bus (sorry if I fell asleep on you, Molly, dear) and we both had on contacts. We had this long question and answer session on how it felt like shit to have contacts on while sleeping, which I'm never going to be able to aviod doing unless I'm at home. Hey, it's not my fault that I fell asleep, saying that it had been at least eleven o'clock at night when we got back to school and I get up well past five o'clock in the morning to get to school. Well, since it was a Saturday, I got up at eight-thirty... but that's beside the point!

Ahem. Anyway, after that little happening, I went to work the next day, only to be switched between locations once from Cinnabon to the CBS Café, which is rather not a lovely place to work at, but only to eat. *grin* Ooh! I got to pummle Chuckie for trying to steal the giant, plastic ice cream cone in front of Cinnabon/Breyer's Ice Cream Shoppe and I gave Tommy (Rugrats) a huge hug without my latex gloves on. XDD! But anywho, I slipped on some water and landed straight onto the tile floor on my right side and I was taken to First Aid, only to be transported to Stillcreek Urgent Care Center to be X-rayed among everything else. ^_^;

So nothing much to say right now, unless being forbidden by the doctor to go to marching band practice really counts.

current mood: enthralled

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
9:22 pm
Today wasn't the best of all the days for me, but I strived along and went with a smiling face today. At least, I got to miss out on school, marching band practice, and pretty much everything else in my life. The only thing that was worth doing was talking to Alyssa today; I never used to get this much time to talk to her and she cheers me up, although it breaks my heart sometimes to talk to her.

You see, I'm beginning to scare myself because of how I feel about her, what I feel for her, and what not. I think that I'm beginning to fall for her pretty hard, not that I haven't told her that I loved her before when we had been going out back during April and the beginning of May. But somehow, those usually cliché and cheesy words actually do mean something to me now and I can't bring myself to admit that I'm falling head-over-heels and in love with Alyssa, whether she likes it, or not. It may seem like a big step (believe me, it's scaring me, too) and everything - but it seems so right. There's no one else in this world that knows me better than her since I tell her everything, regardless, as I do to Akari, who is my other most trusted confidante and whom I go to with my problems that are just about everything.

And just to clarify this, I'm not writing this entry to embarrass anyone in any way. I can just express myself better through typing out what I'm feeling rather than saying it outloud to someone. I hesitated in telling something to Alyssa over the phone today so much that I had to finally type it out and send it to her on through MSN messanger. I feel like such a pansy, doing things that way, but I'm still learning on how to communicate better when it comes to my personal issues and things like that.

Anyway, I went to downtown Charlotte today to make an appearance in court because of a civil court case. I have to go back on the second of November for a criminal court case, which I am the victim in, to figure things out with the district attorney and what-not. Life's just been handing so many wonderful things to me, all in the while throwing such hard-balls straight at my face. It really sucks right now, but I'll need to juggle it around with my hundreds of other concerns. But I'm a fighter - I've always been, so I'll have to hold up enough for the entire family since I'm the only one who has enough guts to use their courage as a defense mechanism around here.

So today being Wednesday, my favorite day of the week (no kidding), I only have two more days of school to go, one British history paper to write, one Human Anatomy & Physiology project, a lab report (oops), and a thousands of other things before it gets to the weekend. At least, I have my job at Paramount's Carowinds to soothe my mind - it doesn't require much thinking to earn money there. Besides, I really do enjoy my job, no matter what former employees have been saying to me. Funny thing is that my history teacher is one of my co-workers; he's one of the managers there. How much more ironic can life get, eh?

Well then, until next time... ciao!

Monday, June 20th, 2005
12:14 am - I’m back here again.
“The drops of rain they fall all over,
This awkward silence makes me crazy.
The glow inside burns light upon her,
I’ll try to kiss you if you let me.
This can’t be the end…”
Down – Blink-182

I feel like I’m going to drive myself insane before summer school is going to start. Yes, I’m excited about going to school again during the summer, mind you, but somehow, I have this feeling inside of me that this new learning experience is going to help me toughen up for my last and final year at this place called ‘Providence Senior High School: Home of the Providence Panthers’.

Life’s not been so bad at all, even though I made a big show about quitting role-playing altogether. I really thought that I was going to end this addiction for good, but right now, it’s nothing like that at all. It’s something that I do for my own enjoyment and it’s something that keeps me connected to the people that I trust and love, including my old friends and even the newer ones, although I haven’t really let anyone approach me from online lately. I guess that I’ve been pretty paranoid with anything that’s dealt with my online life at all.

Well, on the sadder note, I’ve been playing ‘Go Stop’ constantly online and it’s been driving everyone in my family nuts. Funny, how the most amusing things can drive people that are close to you up the wall. =D

Well, that’s all that I really have to say for now. Maybe, I’ll put some pictures up randomly once in a while, either here or in the Live Journal. Either way, cheers, everyone.

current mood: blank

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